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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 18, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, today's best videos are coming your way "right this minute." it's a full-on brawl between first responders -- >> who all were on the scene of an accident. >> what happened that took it from fisticuffs to handcuffs. he's hitching a ride on a porker who -- >> seems no worse for the wear. >> why this farmer went to market but this little piggy did not stay home. a prankster pretends to knock women out and kidnap them. >> he's thinking someone's going
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to stop me. >> see the social experiment with some disturbing results. and an extreme sports athlete acts like he's injured but really -- >> this is a proposal. >> what happens when his unsuspecting girlfriend rushes to his hospital room. >> you are such a little -- you can imagine a roadside scuffle would cause lots of problems. this scuffle definitely problematic. it was all caught on a highway patrolman's dash cam and let the pushing and shoving begin. what's going to surprise you even more about this roadside scuffle according to reports this is the chester county south carolina sheriff, some sheriff's deputies and a couple of firefighters who all were on the scene of an accident where a tractor-trailer slid off the road. the two firefighters who were on the scene thought that it was necessary to close the road so that they could clean up the wreckage effectively but the sheriff's deputies and the
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highway patrol didn't agree that the road should be closed and a fight ensued. >> that is so weird! what is funny is that they started arresting each other. >> oh, how interesting that you should say that. >> no. >> because it does get a lot weirder. >> put your hands behind your back. >> you hear one of the deputies say put your hands behind your back. you see a guy down on the ground. now, in all this scuffle ended up in two guys, two firefighters, the fire chief and a guy named andy martin and his brother a firefighter spending a night in jail. >> it's comical, the fight is so silly. doesn't it hurt? >> that's exactly what i'm thinking. >> the volunteer firefighters? >> they are volunteer firefighters. >> yeah. so i don't blame them for not wanting to put their lives on the line for something as silly as cleaning up a road simply because they didn't want to close it down.
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when the grass is too short what do they do? they're smart. they figure something out. this is at the elephant park in south africa. and you notice here for these elephants the grass is too short for them to grasp in their trunk so watch what the elephant does to get itself a pile of green stuff to eat. >> it scuffs it right up. >> it scrapes its foot to kind of dig up the grass and then it puts it all in a pile. once it puts it in a pile it picks it up and drops it to shake the sand out because it doesn't want a mouth full of mud. and then it eats it. >> they've been doing it for millions of years foraging for grass and stuff in the dry desert. it makes sense. i guess we haven't seen it close up enough to see them doing it. >> they are brilliant animals. let's hop over to china where this man is riding a pig. that is a big pig.
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this pig is 3 years old and as you can see quite large. the owner is 68 years old. he's a farmer. he's been raising pigs for years but as you can see drivers on this busy roadway have to stop to take a picture as we would. i don't know if it's safe for a pig to be ridden like that but this pig seems no worse for the wear. >> it's built like an ox. >> the pig looks happy. at this moment here the pig is smiling like he finished the giant head of lettuce and has his buddy on his back and they're off to wherever they're off to. an entire train's worth of people got stranded together for 70 minutes on the cal train which is a commuter train in california because of this. that's an suv that was parked on the tracks around 22nd street. the car was unoccupied and no one was hurt. it delayed these people in a box. what do you do to help your boredom, you hopearlos mtin n impromptu news man.
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>> carlos martin reporting from youtube. we're all on the train right now and right now what you are witnessing is a tow truck moving a car from the tracks. thank god nobody got hurt. >> i would say an unofficial organization. interviewing people and talking about their feelings. >> i'm annoyed. >> what bothers you about the situation? >> that it's taking so long. >> we get a nice sense what the people are feeling. >> everybody here is, you know, kind of calm. happy. nobody's gotten out of hand yet. >> she's very excited about being in this video. >> i bet she really thought there was a youtube news. >> it's a long time people are talking about missing their birthdays. >> this guy says today is my birthday. and they all sing to him happy birthday. >> he kept mood light and you have to get an expert so carlos actually gets one of the conductors. >> i just want to see what's going on. >> how are you feeling? >> i feel good. >> now they get concerned ba us they actually saw the conductor fall at one point.
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>> thank you very much. >> what? >> you fell. >> you fell. >> this is really complete report. >> we're looking at the scene. this is where actually where the vek went up under the train. >> not even a scratch! >> now he's the founder and ceo of youtube news. >> youtube news, right. i got to say of all the social experiment videos that pranksters have done, this is my absolutely favorite. you're going to see why. this is josh taylor lynn. he's a prankster. and this time the prank is him kidnapping women. >> what? >> pretending like they are using chloroform on a rag. he walks up to a woman and puts his rag over his face. she faints on his arms and she carries him away and he thinks someone is going to stop him but no one stops him. >> the woman is in on it, right?
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>> yes. the prank is on the bystanders. >> he's not pranking the woman but everyone else around him. >> because he wants to know what people will do when they see this happening and in the first case nobody did a think. and in the second case nobody does a thing. everybody just watches. they look around, like, did you see that? but nobody moves a finger. he does it again in a very popular area of los angeles. he carries this girl out but the guy that's wearing the number 22 jersey notices it. he realizes what's happening. points at him and then ends up chasing after the dude. but he's the only one that actually does anything. >> nobody did anything but i saw you pick her up and ran after her so i figured, damn, i got to do something. >> sit so obvious it's a prank? could that be it? >> but, still, you don't know for sure so wouldn't you know at least and go and find out it's a prank. we talked to some people afterwards to find out why they didn't do a thing. >> i interviewed a couple people why they didn't come and help.
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they told me it's none of their business. if you see something happen in the future make sure you do something about it because you or your loved one might be the next victim and at the time you will wish somebody did something about it, so take action, guys, do something about it. superman finds a go pro. now he's got to take you back. >> there goes superman. >> flying over the city. >> the secret behind the super flight. and try out a burrito that came from an atm. >> not only does it serve you a lunchtime burrito, you can get a breakfast burrito. >> cool. jojolllly y rarancncheher rd twtwizizzlers bites are so soft, c chehewywy, , and with their fruity selves... ththeyey t thihinknk t thihis 'g enough for the both of them. bubut t wewe a assssurure e yoy. bibitetes.s. l litittltle e.
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so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. hollywood spent lots and lots of money creating the superman effect. these guys over at corridor digital created the superman effect with a go pro and a drone. it's pretty effective. here superman finds a go pro. if found return to sam gorski. >> superman will take this go pro back. turns out sam gorski is part of corridor digital as well as niko and his buddy watson. look what they can do. there goes superman flying or lands in an alley. he fights off the bad guys. boom. and then -- >> whoa! >> -- takes back off again. >> this is cool. >> superman then goes and rescues. >> that was a good special
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effect. >> very well done. there's a behind-the-scenes video that shows how they did it. they flew the drone around through the city to capture those shots. then they used superman's arms in front of a green screen and married those two together. when he jumps or bounces they use the bounce in the video to make the edit but it's still so smooth and fluid. >> the next level. >> they also have a patrion campaign going and they've become famous on youtube what they've been able to do with no budget and now they want to know what they can achieve with a small budget. they are asking for the minor donations and with those you get project files and raw footage in return so you can go out and create some of the things that they create. >> wow. >> lots of interesting info in there behind-the-scenes video. if you want to find out more, go to and chick on today's show. >> this belongs to you. my camera.
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we're all familiar with the convenience of an atm, walk up, press a couple buttons, boop, get some cash out. well, imagine going up to the atm and pressing a couple of buttons and, boop -- >> like a vending machine? >> -- you get a burrito. that's what the folks from zagat's did. >> we've got zach brooks who is the founder of midtown lunch and leslie who is a writer for zagat, they are known as the burrito box and the guys are food pros. they wanted to test this thing out and see if the burritos were worth eating. not only does it serve you a lunchtime burrito, you can get a breakfast burrito. it offers you condiments and tabasco and sour cream. cool. >> let's see how they taste. >> it tastes like a burrito that came from a box. >> okay. >> which isn't exactly a
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compliment. >> maybe the frozen burrito, but they do say it tastes better than maybe the burrito you might have gotten at a gas station and put it in the microwave. >> it's good if you are desperate for a meal and that's all you can eat. you should have that burrito. >> better eating it than a candy bar and slurpee. >> they also say in l.a. where this burrito box is maybe not the best place for the burrito box because you can get lots of really fantastic mexican food in l.a. but maybe other gas stations when you're on road trips, long road trip. >> like a truck stop would be a good place for that. >> grab yourself a burrito instead of a candy bar and a pop. >> right. some guys take a shot at what's called -- >> a confidence drill. >> why they are putting their lives in the line of fire. and a guy tells his girlfriend he's been in an accident. >> got some unfortunate news. we're in the hospital right now. >> after he hangs up they start laughing and says worst thing
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drill. >> oh, no. >> i see where this is going. >> basically they take a sdent and put vest with live full metal jacket ammunition. you think that's crazy? now he's getting shot and he has to have his wits about him to return fire. watch this. over the shoulder? >> over the shoulder. >> the confidence gril is stand out on the range, get shot three times, then return fire to the gunman but just shoot right next to his head as a target just off his shoulder and behind him. >> what if anyone misses in this drill? she's shooting right at his chest what if he hits him in the face or the arm or the leg or the groin. what? >> this is like russian roulette 21st century style. >> even larry vickers a trained army veteran says this would be crazy. >> although i understand the concept behind this drill in my opinion the risks involved are just too great. i would never recommend doing this in the real world. >> it's not over yet. they have a couple of other
9:50 am
drills to run as well. the next drill the shooter is put under tremendous stress again, being badgered and bothered and pushed around by two other attackers. while he has to do math problems in his head. watch this. >> you see that? one of the other instructors pulls the gun and rests it on the shooter's shoulder and rips off a couple rounds above his head. they're not done yet. the shooter has to identify the proper target while under stress. he has to focus on the right target and not shoot the two guys that are standing. >> who volunteers to do that? >> this is, like, russian roulette busy bat. let's get this guy as discombobulated as possible and let him shoot at us. >> you also go to think practice makes perfect, if he does good at this you trust the guy in a situation where he's got to make these kind of decisions i guess. this video starts with a
9:51 am
phone call that none of us ever liked to make. >> got some unfortunate news. we're in the hospital right now. i think it looks like he might have broke his back. >> who you are seeing making this phone call is actually the brother of a guy named colton brockbank who is an extreme athlete calling colton's girlfriend taylor telling her that colton had a bit of an accident. >> all right, bye. worst thing ever. >> this is a bit of a prank on taylor. colton's girlfriend. this is a proposal that he -- >> oh. >> doing a thing, fake injury. she's really nervous about me continuing to do the sports that i'm doing. i was kind of down talking how i would perform filming today. >> this is mean. this is really mean. she at this moment thinks her boyfriend the love of her life is hurt has a broken back and in the hospital.
9:52 am
>> in his career as a wakeboarder and snowboarder apparently he's gotten banged up a couple times and taylor has gotten phone calls, oh, bad news. >> it's another one of those type of phone calls. >> yeah. >> but still you are freaked out. >> she shows up and there's colton with what looks like a little oxygen mask. >> hi. how you feeling? >> i'm hurting. >> now, this video was actually shot on valentine's day but just getting passed around now. then you keep your eyes on colton because he starts taking off all the hospital gear. and then she turns around. >> you are such a little! i hate you. >> i want to spend every single day of my life with you. i love you more than i can ever imagine and i couldn't think of a better way to surprise you. >> you! [ bleep ] >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> the song you end up hearing
9:53 am
is "loving you is easy" by ben richter. colton and taylor are getting married may 10th this year and they're also going to go to hawaii for their honeymoon. first she's scared and now she's all excited and happy and it could have gone from, like, her worst day of her life to one of the best days of her life, right? >> yeah. this girl scout has cookies to sell but -- >> instead of going door to door she got with the times. >> i get closer to my goal. >> hear how
9:54 am
9:55 am
this will make you say cool. this is drummer tyler williams of the bo hodges band and as you can see whenever he hits a drum, flames shoot up. >> wow! >> if he hits the high hat, the tom, the kick drum, whatever he hits, it makes the flame shoot up. >> it's like a fire dance to the
9:56 am
rhythm he's drumming. >> not only that but it's super sensitive. the flames can go anywhere from one inch to 40 inches high depending on how hard you hit it. >> and they are alternating sides, too, sometimes it's all of them and sometimes it's every other and just the left side or just the right side. >> it depends on what he hits and the flames go up. >> very cool. >> that is sick. that's, like, the ultimate drum kit. >> these are fire pickles and this is through live spark, because that would be quite the pyrotechnics show because you could probably steal the key to that during a concert. ♪ >> sweet. my name is sabrina and i'm a girl scout. it's girl scouts cookie time! >> this is sabrina manson. she is third grader and as you can see she's a girl scout and it is girl scout cookie time and she has nearly 400 boxes to sell and instead of going door to door she got with the times.
9:57 am
>> with each one you buy i get closer to this my goal. >> she got her mom's ipad and just decided to make a video and use social media to get these cookies sold. >> i have the number one cook. the samoa! >> wow. >> first of all her personality is adorable 3? >> she is, like, in an infomercial. >> and my brother's favorite cookie. >> oh, man. >> she was not excited her brother. >> please let me know how many cookies should i get for you. >> mom did end up posting this on facebook and she sold out all 400 girl scout cookie boxes. >> one video all sold. >> all done. she knows what she's doing. this next little girl also seems to think she knows what he's doing. this is little 2-1/2-year-old maya, this video was sent to us
9:58 am
by mom and dad. >> i am taking a picture of you being naughty because that is not brushing your teeth. >> little maya was sent upstairs to brush her teeth before bed. mom comes in and maya instead of brushing her teeth is just standing there washing her hair. >> no, not cheese. momma is not happy. >> but she's washing her hair with sand soap. >> well, she's cleaning up before bed. >> she's confused. >> do you think it was a good idea? >> yes. >> that's our show. we'll see you next time, everybody.
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